EC & TDS Sensor with Datalogger not online

I recently received an M2 Gateway, EC & TDS sensor and LoRa Datalogger.

I wired up the sensor to the datalogger and tested the sensor and I was receiving data within minutes. I tested the sensor in and out of water for about an hour before packing it up and taking it a new location. Once at the new location I put the M2 Gateway on their network but was not able to see it go online with my SenseMate app. After a few minutes I updated the location of the M2 Gateway and it quickly showed up in the app. I also updated the location of the Datalogger but it never connected to the M2 Gateway or showed up online. I was able to connect to the sensor with Bluetooth and was able to take test readings.

Setup Info:

  • Initial setup was done on the island of Oahu, HI. (this defaulted the location to my home)
  • I used my home network and plugged cat5 cable into my home wifi router.

Testing at destination (on the Big Island, HI):

  • I set up M2 Gateway and connected to client wifi router.
  • Gateway communication lights on cat5 network jack were active
  • After not being able to see M2 Gateway ‘online’ I updated it’s location to the street address of the client. Within a few minutes the Gateway was showing online.
    • Can you confirm that the M2 Gateway must have the correct location in order to be online or was this just a coincidence?
  • The EC & TDS / Datalogger never showed an Online status and readings never came in.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.



It seems we already got in touch via email. we’ll follow up on and provide further support .