Easy question for you guys from a newbie

I just received my Nano and I’m really happy with what I’ve tested up to now. Contrarily to what I read before, I find it fairly intuitive to use.

My question may be silly but I’m sure I’m not the only one looking for the answer.

I received a x1/x10 probe with it. Using the probe on the x10 position, does it mean I can test circuits up to 800 volts ?
I’m more interested in seeing 120 and 240 volts signals.

Thanks in advance !

The max input voltage of the dso nano is 80 VPP (by X1probe). The X1 probe means the input signal has no attenuation, yet X10 probe means the signal has attenuated to tenth of input one.

Thanks Jerry for the quick reply.

So, provided I set the probe on x10, I should be good to hook up the probe to a 120/240 volts AC circuit without frying the Nano ?