Easier to use ODAS code?

It appears that ODAS is the main tool offered for coding the several Application Ideas listed in the sales pages. Anything other than an Alexa application appears to be a significantly greater challenge for those with only moderate Linux coding skills. Providing more complete example “how to” projects is likely to improve sales. The only online “maker” article employing ODAS I have seen is for a competing kickstarter product, I have to wonder if providing samples to some of the popular online authors would expand the use of your boards.

Althogh the ODAS author has promised ongoing upgrades, it has been about 3 months since he has made code updates, he is probably busy with other new projects. I have to wonder if more seedstudio staff contributions to the ODAS project would help make it more accessible.

One small contribution to the ODAS project that may be worthwhile for seedstudio is the board configuration files in the new, easier to use “Phoenix” development branch of the project, (I would be using if it were easier to plug in a respeaker board):

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://github.com/introlab/odas/tree/p … /respeaker”>https://github.com/introlab/odas/tree/phoenix/settings/config/respeaker</LINK_TEXT>

He has provided placeholder files for 4 respeaker models, but these new format files are empty, has has only filled in the data for one MiniDSP board.

The author mentions that he is “working on a brand new release”, not clear if this is Phoenix based.


Again I have to wonder if sourcing sample board to the ODAS author would be worthwhile, he seems to have no data for the 4 mike linear board.


Hi therem

we already shipped boards to odas. thanks for the inputs.