Early V3 with 3.22 loader How to save wave forms SOLVED!!!!!

Is there any chance a new version of the updated BenF software could be created for those of us with the early loader and lcd.

I’m desperate to save screen images. I’ve reformatted micro SD cards using SDFormatter 4.0. Nothing works!

Not holding my breath, but heres hoping.


Just to update my earlier post, because I know there are thousands of people trying to work out how to save screen images and the review them on your PC.

All the various instruction manuals out there are complete and utter rubbish.

On my nano running BenF’s original software and using a Sandisk 2GB MicroSD card, formatted using SDFormatter 4.0, the following is true.

  1. Go to Fi using the + or - key.

  2. Press M to display the various file save options

  3. select “Save Img” using the + or - key

  4. Press M to exit the File menu

  5. Carry out some scope activity, and when you see something you want to save;

  6. Make sure the Fi option is high lighted by using the + or - key. The bottom right of the screen will show “S nnn.BMP”. You can change the nnn file number by pressing |<< or >>|.
    If the file already exists it will be red, if it doesn’t already exist it will be white. Now…

  7. Press and HOLD the M key. The screen image will be saved and the file number will update to the current number plus 1. This only takes a second or two.

The nano will create a Folder called IMAGE if one doesn’t exist and save the file there.

One final bit of info. When I connect the nano to the PC using the usb cable, to charge the battery, I can view the Micro SD card in an explorer window. You can save images on the nano, then click VIEW; REFRESH for it to appear. You can now view and edit the bmp while it is connected to the nano.

I hope someone finds this useful.

Just a small update; you need to format the 2gb card to FAT16 format using SDformatter. Its confusing as SDFormatter gives you several options the one that dosent mention FAT16 is the one you want!