Early Review at www.justblair.co.uk

I have taken a it of time to create an early review of the DSO Nano. Comments are mostly positive.

I would be interested in hearing how other owners experiances compare to mine?


Nice review, good work. You’ve raised some good points!

Hopefully any criticism is balanced and fair.

Thanks for reading…

Hi, nice review!

The one I got did have a little piece of plastic to bring out the power switch. Initially I thought it was a little too hard to move, but then I thought it was probably best that way, it wouldn’t be fun to accidentally turn it off in the middle of a measurement.

I only got one backplate, so they probably just put an extra in your bag :wink:


I thought it may be an ommission in production. The additional backplate is a wierd one, not the easiest mistake to miss.

Oh by the way, My review was featured on hackaday… Over 35,000 visitors so far to the review… The interest is definately there for this product.

hackaday.com/2009/10/19/dso-nano … -reviewed/

The comments are interesting as well, a few people who see the limited bandwith as a deal breaker, but plenty who see the scope as a killer product!