Eagle lib for serial port bluetooth module

Having bought a couple of serial port bluetooth modules (bare module, not the Bee), I’m designing a schematic + board layout for a project I’m working on. However I cannot find an Eagle library containing this part. Does Seeed have one I/we can use?

On a side note; also bought a bluetooth bee for easy development, but I noticed the ‘pins’ of the BT module are not 100% well fitting the soldering pads of the Bee PCB (the BT module is slightly shorter). It works, but could be improved :wink:

Hi Zotty,

Please check the attatchment.

Thank you for your suggestion. Yes the pads of bee pcb and the moudle is not well mapped. We may improve it later.

Thank you,

EXT_moudle.zip (17.4 KB)

Once again thank you for your wonderful assistance Icing!