Eagle Design Rule Check Clearance

Hi, my name is Rodrigo
I have bought some pcb’s fusion service online, and I’m in the middle of creating the gerber files.

But I have some trouble with Eagle DRC Rules. Fusion eagle rule v1.1 dru
In a LM2576 (T05A package) and a TVS (SOT363) the clearence between pads is 6mil, but the Design Rules Check keeps showing a clearance error between pads.
What should i do? Can i send my files with this problem/error?
Any help will be very appreciated

hi there,
Yes, the minimum clearance between pad and pad is 6mil, i think maybe there is something wrong with your package, or you can try to closed the stop layer and check it again.
attached my eagle DRC rules, i hope can hlep you slove the problem.
default.rar (975 Bytes)