Eagle circuit for the NFC shield v2.0

Hi there SeeedStudio, I have a question regarding the Eagle diagram for the NFC shield. Is that possible to acquire the circuit schematic for this shield. What happen is I develop a solution for a business using the NFC v2 shield and arduino. They liked the solution and now they want to buy the project but I need to design it out of the arduino board. I have already the Atmega328 and other components. I know the NFC v2 uses a PN532 chip, a SPI interface and some circuitry for the antenna, however is to difficult for me to put those elements together in single board.
I would like to get some help of how to implement an atmega328 and the pn532 in a simple board. Also which company could I see to sold the wires on a PCB.

You can find Eagle files at seeedstudio.com/wiki/NFC_Shi … 0#Resource
These files are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Seeed may provides the service you are looking for. Have a look at seeedstudio.com/propagate/