E-ink shield zip library is corrupt or not valid?

I have tried 3 different zip utilities and they all say the E-ink library is corrupt or not valid?
Please check this library and tell me what program do I need to extract the files properly?
In the zip file there is only one 7k file?

Hi,i have checked again,it is right,and you can download the following attachment .And if you still have this problem,maybe you need change a browser and have a try.
SeeedEink.zip (6.88 KB)

Looks like using microsoft’s internet explorer prevented the proper download :open_mouth:

@jacket chen
Could you post the link for the zip file “Lattice modulo software” ?

Maybe you need to change a browser… :nerd: :laughing:

Following is the attachment.
Lattice_modulo_software.zip (911 KB)

Maybe I need to learn another language other than English to
to use the Lattice modulo software :open_mouth:

year, maybe so many people speak chinese, studying Chinese has become all the rage in the word.