Dust Sensor with GrovePi+


will the Grove Dust Sensor work in combination with GrovePi+ and Raspberry Pi 2? In the project description of Air_Quality_Test_Box I have read, that it is important to connect the dust sensor with port D8 at the Base Shield for Adurino, otherwise it will not work. Should I use Adurino now or will it work with GrovePi+ and Raspberry Pi, too?

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There is a D8 port in GrovePi+ as well. The designers of GrovePi+ maintain a list of Grove modules tested and supported here. The software for using Dust Sensor with GrovePi needs to be developed based on the instructions provided in the above link.

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[size=85]P.S: Link to GrovePi+ support : dexterindustries.com/forum/grovepi/[/size]

Hi viswa, thank you very much for the weblink…

Unfortunately the dust sensor isn’t listed, but after following some other links from this site, I found a very helpful thread at dexterindustries . com /topic/grove-dust-sensor

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With newest GrovePi+ firmware v1_2_4 (actually in beta stadium) it should work. :smiley:

So I’m going to order the Dust Sensor with GrovePi+…

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