Dust sensor with and without Base Shield

Hi all,

We are considering using a Grove - Laser PM2.5 Sensor in a project prototype, but I have some (basic?) queries that you might be able to answer:

  • According to the wiki, a seeeduino, a base shield and the sensor itself is required. Will we need any additional materials? We do not want to place an order and then realize that we are still missing some components.
  • Also according to the wiki, “If we don’t have Grove Base Shield, We also can directly connect this module to Seeeduino as below.”. Is this advisable? Or is it better to include a base shield?
    -For connecting more than one sensor, is it mandatory to use the base shield?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, let me answer the first question first. After you have purchased the Seeeduino, PM2.5 sensor and Grove shield, what you may also need is a connecting cable, we call it a Grove cable. Second question, as you can see, Grove shield is not necessary, you can also directly use Grove to male Dupont cable to connect sensor and Seeeduino. Happy shopping, thank you.