Dual Gigabit Ethernet Carrier Board with CM4 not booting from SD card

I have tried three different types of SD-card on the board loaded with Raspberry Pi OS (32 bit) and each time the boot loader displays “SD: card not detected”.

Am I missing a setup option?

Please take a clear photo of the back of the carrier board, I need to confirm if any components are missing

I too have this same product. I tried a couple of known-to-work-great-in-Raspberry-Pi-4 MicroSD cards (Sandisk Ultra, Sandisk Extreme Pro), and both failed to boot. I installed Raspberry Pi OS 32bit Bullseye in one, and Raspberry Pi OS 32bit Buster in the other.

In both cases, at boot time, the OpenWRT which is in the 32GB eMMC of the CM4 gets booted up. The MicroSD cards are ignored.

Is there a way to indicate or cause the CM4 to boot from the MicroSD card, and ignore/bypass the eMMC?

On the models with eMMC, the connections for the SD card are disabled (they are connected to the eMMC). If you absolutely have to use the SD card slot, you need a CM4lite.

https://datasheets.raspberrypi.com/cm4/cm4-datasheet.pdf page 19

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