DT71 Digital Tweezers - unable to access as a drive

Hi Folks,

I have the DT71 with firmware 1.06. I was able to download V1.08 of the firmware, but when I was trying to follow the directions, I realized that the device would not stay “plugged in” as a drive. Only way I could have the device as a drive on any machine was to plug into the USB drive, and then press and hold (hard) the soft button. If I let go even a little, the device would unplug. This makes it almost impossible to put the new firmware on, much less access the settings.
Any thoughts on how to continue? I do like the device and find it very helpful.

Cheers, Peter

Try the following:
a. Put the cable (and only the cable) in a USB port.
b. Connect the controller to the cable.
This should remove the need to ‘press’ the button.