DSOnano start trouble

Hi, I´m new here, I have a DSO Nano but it have some problems.
When I try to turn on the device, it takes a long time to start while his LCD is on white and sometimes it never starts.
I tried to upgrade the firmware but I couldn´t.
Can someone help me please?

Have you followed this procedure for the firmware upgrade?
youtube.com/user/lwgraves?fe … dseyM0CtWM

Latest firmware now is 3.43 and is found in a quite recent thread on this forum. It seems that a firmware upgrade often solves strange problems which the nano may have when it arrives new. I guess the manufacturing flashing may be bad.

Thanks dnordenberg,

Now I could upgrade the firmware, but the main problem remains. When I turn on the device, it doesn´t start normally, until I plug in the Jack, but it works better anyway.
Thanks a lot.