DSOnano menu structure

Good day to all.

I’ve been spending some time playing with the DSOnano and am becoming increasingly unhappy with the current menu structure.

I have some thoughts and I’d like to toss them out for others to comment upon. I’m hoping that some of our good ideas might make it into an upcoming firmware update.

My most important thought is that I think that the 4-way rocker switch should default to adjusting the time-base and vertical sensitivity. Up makes the vertical input MORE sensitive, Down makes the vertical input LESS sensitive. Right makes the timebase SHORTER (higher frequency), Left makes the timebase LONGER (lower frequency).

Pressing the “M” button once makes the menu active. Pressing the “M” button again turns the menu stuff off and turns the 4-way rocker back into V & H adjustments again.

The reason for having the 4-way rocker adjust Vertical and Timebase adjustments is those are the two things that need adjusting ALL THE TIME when you are actually USING the DSOnano for real work.

Next item up for discussion: How to navigate the menu structure.

I strongly feel that we should explore the idea I mentioned earlier: navigate the menu using only the Left and Right keys to move to different items; use the Up and Down keys to change items within the selected menu item.

The basic idea is that you treat the menu items as if they were in a circle - Left moves you Counter-clockwise, Right moves you Clockwise. Yeah - that means that pressing the Right button while you are on the bottom row actually move you Left. I think I can get used to that fairly quickly.

I’m not convinced that this is the best navigation method out there but I think strongly enough about it that I’d like to see a firmware version made available that implements that technique so that I could work with it for a day or two or three and see if it fits the way I work.

I’d be happy to write the code changes if someone else is willing to compile those changes into a working firmware file. I’m just not set up for it yet.

Finally, I’d sure appreciate comments from others about this.


I’d like to add something to my earlier post: what Menu functions are the most easily accessed.

This is assuming that the menu becomes active when you press the “M” button. Remember that you move between menu items using only the Left and Right buttons.

Let me propose one idea:

Only the top row and the right side of the screen contain menu items. The bottom row is used for display purposes only.

The top row displays information much as it is right now: the most important things for me are Vertical Sensitivity and Timebase settings. Not needed: V. POS, perhaps Trigger mode.

Pressing the “M” button brings you into Menu mode. The top row changes completely to show you the things that you can change.

I’d like the top row Menu to come up with the Middle section already selected. That would be Vertical Position. You adjust it with the Up and Down buttons.

Immediately to the right would be Trigger Level. Right of that could be Trigger polarity (shown as an UP or DOWN arrow), then Trigger Mode (shown as text). Again, Up and Down buttons make whatever changes are needed.

Immediately left of the middle position would allow access to the markers. I’m assuming that there would be two or four small sections - one or two each for Vertical markers and Horizontal markers. Possible text labels: H1, H2, V1, V2. Again, Up and Down buttons move the markers.

Pressing the Left button when you are on the most left item in the top row brings you to the Bottom of the right-screen menu.

Pressing the Right button when you are on the most right item in the top row brings you to the Top of the right-screen menu.

Note that it might be possible to show the right screen menu only when you are in Menu mode. Not sure if that helps, but it should be considered.

The bottom row is not part of the menu structure at all. Instead, it is use only for displaying information. It shows the items that are currently present - but those items are adjusted while navigating the TOP row.

Note that most of the items on the top row menu can be fairly short - each item would be just long enough to show its abbreviated text label and that’s all. That should allow us to fit everything we need to adjust on the top row and right side. Note that the battery level area is not needed while you are in Menu mode.

The rationale for the above suggestions is that you have very easy access to the items that you need to change the most often (after Vertical sensitivity and Timebase). For me, that’s V position and trigger level, then trigger slope. Next most important is the marker positions.

For example, you find that you need to move the trace. Press the “M” button, then use the Up and Down buttons to move the trace. Its that easy because the menu pops up already in the V Pos section.

Having the Menu pop up in the Middle of the row makes it faster to get to the most used items with the fewest button presses. One button press (after entering Menu mode) takes you to either Trigger Level (Right button) or Marker position (Left button).

Again - I’m hoping for some feedback. Let us all know what you think!


Thanks for your post , we will serious consider your suggestion .

We are working for plan a new menu structure and it will just on menu on top and the information display on button like what you said.

I fully agree, the exsisting menu structure is very aggrevating to navigate. I like your ideas a lot. if the menus were only along the top and side it would make things a lot easier.