DSO203 blank white screen - dead?

Hello Forum,

While I was using my DS203 it suddanly froze and due to low battery it then switch off.
I connected ot to USB and re-charged it.
However, it won’t start. Just see a blank white screen, that’s all.

Has this happened to anyone else before and was there a solution perhaps?



My DSO203 is also ‘bricked’ with a white screen, after a FW upgrade attempt.

Since it has a white screen, I’m unable to try any solution that might provide me with a Serial Number / Licence number.

As for ‘how I managed to brick it’? Well, all was working fine after the update, but I couldn’t save any files. For some reason, I had no space left on the device. :confused:

I can still put it in DFU mode and it does seem like it’s converting the files into ‘RDY’ extensions… that’s all it does.

Version is a 2.7B.

I’m not afraid to solder a serial connector on CN7; I’ve had to do that with my Buffalo router to Unbrick it. I ended-up succeeding. I just want to make sure I have the knowledgeable people behind me to assist, should it need to get to that.



Normally the reason for using the serial load CN7 recovery procedure is when the DFU has got corrupted as the serial loader is hard wired into the chip.

You say DFU still seems to be functional and is loading firmware to produce RDY files. It is possible it has got partially corrupted but the first step is to make sure you are loading a good SYS file as that is what has the low level screen drivers.

True, but what is a good ‘sys’ file?? As per my version, there should only be one SYS file for me (source: seeedstudio.com/wiki/index.p … mware_List )

Should I use a SYS file for an older version, such as 2.6, even if I have a 2.7B?

Huge thanks for your assistance!

SYSB152 is factory original for your machine and should be OK, but you should check it is not corrupted in any way. It should be a hex file of length 56,428 bytes

This site is a good collection point. http://koti.kapsi.fi/jpa/dsoquad/

You could also try the alternative SYS 25116 which is compatible.

@bobtidey cool link, thank you…

Hi there it’s happening the same with me, I was upgrading the FW and the result was a white screen that serves only as flashlight at the very best… but I can’t connect to the usb port, the pc just say that doesn’t recognize the usb device…
what can I do to solve this?

Other with same problem. Someone has the solution?
With hw2.72. I tried to flash by serial port because I could not enter in DFU mode
as result dso203 give me now a blank screen dead. I was testing by flash loader many dfu, system and fpga without result

Because there are many people with same problem suggest that people who have a working ds0203 share the flash and bootloader dfu here with the two typical programs: flash loader and DfuSe

I think than DFU bootloader is the main problem. if dfu works ok, then we can update the system, app and fpga. but I not sure