DSO201 Ver4.21 need help!

I buy this DSO to measure small things (car electronic, signal emitter, analog sensors / potentiometer, etc.). I cannot use alternative fw (Bootloader 3.26D), so I have to use the original 4.21. I read the manual (it’s not very detailed), but I need held to use it:

  • Neigher Yn FitRange nor Xn FitBase works for me. I tested different Signals from signal generators (sine, square, DC with differnt voltages amptitudes). Very bad: There is nothing, what displays “out of range” (for Y-Voltage), so I don’t even know if there is a signal and have to adjust Voltage/Div. :frowning:

  • Single-Shot triggering don’t work! There is no signal (probe is not connected). I switch to SINGL at Trigger (threshold is high enouth, so no noise/radio signal could trigger). Then I connect the probe to a signal, but nothing happens! If a signal ist already triggering at NORM oder NONE and I switch to “SINGL”, caputering is stoped at the end of the current buffer. I coudn’t find a way to reset the buffer for a new singleshot. At Play-Pause-Key nothing happens

  • At low TimeBase measurings (1Sec/Div), it takes a lot of time, until the buffer is filled (even if I set up SampleDepth to 1K). But there seem to be no way to scroll Display automaticly to the live point? At all, scrolling with Xn ViewPosition is really bad implemented.

  • What Sampling-Rate is used at what Timebase? I hope always the full 1MSamples/sek and an average value is displayed? Or is there a hidden menu to select it? I also would need peek-values at 1MS/s and low timebase (1sec/div), to detect spike-pulses. If not possible, Singleshot-Triggering at higher TimeBase would also be a solution. But singleshot also doesn’t seem to work (as I mentioned above)

  • Where is the Ground-Line? There are a couple off lines I can hide or unhide (two X, two Y, Trigger treshold, Trigger point), but no ground-line? If I move Y Offset, two small, blinking cyanblue arrows appears left and right. But If I switch another function they sometimes disappears. I tested again: They are blinking. If I switch away at the moment, thet are blanked, they disappear forever. If I switch away, when they are not blanked, they stay.

Maybe I’m stupid and need a better manual to use this DSO?

Thanks in advance and excuse my bad english,

I also tried out FW Ver4.22, but nothing changed. This DSO is totally useless for me!

I’m suprised, over 300 users have seen that post, no one answered.

with original firmware I also couldn’t force any “Fit” to actually fit and single trigger doesn’t work.
The ground level is where cyan markers are, as you noticed.
It’s true, you can’t set sampling depth lower than 1k.
Sampling rate is a bit tricky. It adapts to time base on BenF firmware but I have no idea how it works in original firmware.

Before you start to actually measure anything, check how ‘measurements’ section works. For me it’s useless as well (numbers are way off).

I just installed IAR and if I get lucky and find some time to learn, maybe I’ll be able to port old BenF v3 firmware to devices equipped with new LCD driver.

BTW, I’m not sure whether 3.26D bootloader renders your device incompatible with alternative firmware. You just need to find BenF 3.64 HEX files to upgrade. If you get flickering white screen of death, you’re screwed just like me and many many others with LCD9341/7781 compatibility issue. Fall back to 4.22 is still possible so try it.

Thanks for your answer!
I already tried Benf and lower stock firmwares: I also got the flickering white screen.

I don’t believe there will be a working custom firmware with new display-driver, because as far as I read the driver is closed-sourced. That means it will take a lot of reverse engeneering to get it work? :frowning:

The stock firmware is crap. I haven’t tried the measurements section yet.

Now I bought the DSO203. Single shot works fine there and I’m able to use custom software (up to four apps at one time). But I’m also not really happy with it. There are also no auto-mode, real displayed ground-line, scrolling screen at low timebase (endless ringbuffer would be great) or sample rate options (rate and use average or max value). :frowning:

I think I expected to much, but anyway it’s useful to me! The DSO203 I bought seems to be a clone too! But I won’t buy at seeedstudio directly, because of tax problems.

I have source code of working 4.22 firmware which handles new LCD. All I need is latest BenF source code.

That’s great! There is BenF 3.13:
gitorious.org/dsonano/dso-firmw … 758b2a3f6a:

Oh, I see: You are already looking desperate for the source of 3.64 :frowning:

I looked at 3.13 and worked a bit on it. If there’s no higher version available, I’ll try to make it work. As it is LCD, there are no debugging options. It either works or not.
I have to look at changelog to see whether working on 3.13 does make sense :wink:

You can try to debug over the serial line. Also JTAG or SWD should in theory be possible.

If you can add new LCD support that could give the open-source version a push forward!

It surely won’t be straightforward. Especially because I don’t have much time to spend on another project.
The other thing is that I only got BenF 3.13 firmware to modify. Well, now when I posted 4.22 working firmware it’s possible for everyone to peek and see how it looks like.
Just in case I won’t be able or capable of modifying the firmware.

Hi, thanks for your efforts! Since the stock firmware is pretty much useless, I would love to be able to use benf on my dso nano.