DSO201 firmware

hi all, new to all this and new on here.

is there a page with the basics at all? i’ve read for some time now and theres V this version that bootlegger and all sorts? ermm hu?

i have a DSO201 with lib version 2.6 and app version 2.60.

when i switch on it shows a signal, but, never changes, always the same signal with or without the probes, and with or with out attachng to the signal generator signal on the corner with the probes.

i have played till i’m blue in the face, it wont set to defualt so thought why not update the firmware…

can any one help with the bootlegger and firmware? is there a proceddure, like do i have to install all the other updates leading to Bens 3.65 version?


help any one? please?

i have the V353_LIB.HEX and V364_APP.HEX files, which bootlegger do i need to load them? and will my version jump straight to the last version?

Hi as you don’t seem to be getting many replies thougth I would try to help, don’t know of too many pages with the basics on, there is a pdf file of the instcution book which isn’t to bad, I have the 201, mine has the white buttons, I found I could not update to benf and I installed the 2 hex files and ended up with a completer white screen, it was unusable, but I manage to find the original firmware on chnese website, see my other blogs on here, user name g4vvq, think there up to 4,22 now but doesn’t seem to work any different, you could try the benf it might work for you, you need the dfuse software program to install it, there are a lot of clips on u tube telling you how it all works…good luck Fred.