Dso201 battery problem

yesterday i got THE dso201, but i encountered Some problems.

  • The battery does not charge when i messuare the signal battery signal i only get a little spike off 1 volt and about 1 khz. So the battery does not charge. ( its not connected the wrong way becouse i turned the + /- correct before the first time i turned it on )

  • no screws my device is has not a single srew in it en there for very fragile they where not enclosed eigther. So im thinking to super glue it.

  • nasty spike on 1 khz test signal. There is an nasty spike on every rising block edge ill make a picure later.

Are these common problems i searched the forum but did not realy find awnsers.
For the battery im not using an usb hub a read this could some time be the problem.

Still i’m hoping that there are solutions to my problems because i’m looking forward to write some firmware.
Thanks in advance.

Would you please send us picture of the enclosure problem? Did you purchased directly from us or our distributors? Thanks!

I think i bought a clone or something…

i bought it a dealextreme.com ordered it like 3 months ago and got it last week.
but where is the spike coming from any ideas ?

it is so sad that you do not have a screw on your DSO,struggle to go on your firmware developing way. :slight_smile:
as the spike ,general speaking ,it is a compromise for frequency and acurate… you can replace the C5A(1000pf)to 500pf, to get more acurate digram as your signla frequency is 1k ,but i do not suggest to do so

ah ok thanks i thought it was completely broken. I will not change the capacitor ill just look past the spike in LF. I only need to buy an other battery and then i’m good to go.

Hi jantielemans!
Well, I had the same problem as you, I bought my DSO201 from dx, and my battery did no charge, and looking at some (several) forums I actually decided (ha!) to read the comments in the dx site, and found out that the pollarity in battery is inverted. So I switched the battery polarity and it worked. Try to do this, maybe it is the case. And…I hope you did not glue the dso backside yet, or you will have more problems to opening it than fixing the battery.

Probably a bad idea. I use double-sided scotch tape so I can return inside when needed, such as when the battery life of 500 cycles expires.