dso201 another firmware ?

Hello I just purchased the nano 201. I see lots of posts about firmware and dont know what would be the best option. My 201 came with firmware v3.26.d is this the newest firmware and when you power on the unit it shows 4.21 on the start up screen whats the difference in these numbers. What firmware should I use? Is there anyway to factory firmware flash if I mess up I couldn’t find that v3.26d firmware in case I needed to flash back to stock.

ok so I tried to out smart myself and tried to flash benf alfs hex and now have the white screen of death. Ive been on for hours trying to find the answer and about to smash my house down. PLEASE someone help me I just want the factory 4.21 firmware of help on were to go about getting it.

Found the factory firmware if anyone else may need it. This is 4.21 for the dso nano 201
201V4_21.zip (37.7 KB)

With a lot of frustration, I did try to download BenF software, and then getting the “White Screen of Death” :slight_smile: as well! This download gave me great relief, as I have now a working DSO201 again! My DSO’s information is noted below for anyone else’s reference.

DSO201 Digital Storage Oscilloscope
S/N E4CAA6CF, License: F32D61B3
Device Firmware Upgrade V3.26D
System: V4.21
Hardware: V1.7B
MCU Type: STM32F103VB
LCM Ctrl: ILI_9341
USB Disk: Ext MSD Card

Many, many thanks for providing the download! :slight_smile: A “Happy Camper”!

I’m in the same boat… Was really looking forward to the BenF firmware…

Not happy…

Well, happier now that I was able to restore the factory firmware… Thanks to Joe

Hi There…you have 3 options, whatever will work

1 benf program
2 copy the 2 hex files
3 use original prog, see my other messages for info, ver 4.22 at moment.

G4VVQ Fred

I was able to install the 4.22 firmware on OSX using parallels 8 running windows xp.
First tried a windows machine running windows 7 with no luck at all, hex file would not copy properly.
Brought my nano v3 from white screen to working again.