DSO waveform plotter application


Currently as a hobby project i am making a program that takes the XML files of the DSO and plots them on scree. I think someone here will be able to find it handy. I have the DSO201 V1. I want to add support for v2 and v3 too , so if someone here can grace me with the xml files of waveforms and a corresponding screenshot for the other two version I would be most happy.

features thus far :

  • plot one waveform
  • axis is lables shows correct values corectly
  • y axis is automatically sized
  • can save graph to pdf , jpg , png and bmp formats
  • can batch export to pdf , jpg , png and bmp formats
  • Batch export to CSV (multiple files)
  • zoom and pan

To do:

  • Batch export to CSV (single file , multiple column)
  • Import from CSV
  • Multiple traces on one graph
  • V2 and V3 support and maybe quad support

Any ideas or feedback are welcome.
DSO201grapher_3.tar.gz (250 KB)

I have some wave forms,I did not store them,just grabbed off the net for reference,no idea what format,jpg I suppose,your app would be handy,but I know nothing about Linux.am I wasting your and my time?I’m still getting to know V3-after some time spent tho’

I’m lookiing for waveforms stored with the device so that I can see the different devices stores the data.

The program is only available in linux because i don’t have access to a windows pc at the moment. At a laterpoint in I will most likely open source it.

Mini update on software

added :
-Export to csv
-Automatice SI scaling for both axis

i think the next updates is to add CSV to XML conversion and batch export to CSV/image/pdf where a whole folder is converted

Thanks oorspronklikheid that looks very useful, I’m sure I’ll try it after installing the patched BenF version!
Please attach your program to a post so that people can just try it. :stuck_out_tongue:

OK i edited my first post and added the binary

version 2 is complete , find it from the first post

mmm 4 downloads , I would’ve thought the market for such an app be larger.

I have not yet tried it, although I intend to do so.

What I (and apparently you too) overlooked, is that already a nice microsoft windows program (“app”) exists! Search for BenfWaves.

I don’t use windows much :stuck_out_tongue:

I have Nano V3 working,but after about 2 yrs or so this handy little device refuses to store files of any type.
Its got removable mini disc[bought from Seeed] formated,PC sees it,but its beyond my skill or is a dud.Can’t load or call up files --a shame really!
I would dearly love to load and share Auto Ign files etc with others as working on Auto troubleshooting is what I have done most of my life[now retired]
I have seen the soldering mods on here, but mine appears to have the card holder properly soldered to the PCB.
If I try to modify it I may wreck it,then I would not need to post again.I may try to poke a bit of wire between the end solder terminals to temporarily bridge them,risky but not much use ATM.baz


HOW can i use this programm. Im getting quite annoyed to only compare 2 waveforms but i cant do this with excel!

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: