DSO V1 upgrade problems

Hi, I am a newbie and I say hello to the forum.
I have a rather old 201 V1 when booting it says version 4.28; and the “-Button”-Boot says Device firmware upgrade V3.29D.
To upgrade I downloaded BenF firmware 3.64.
My OS is Win 10.
When I connect the device via USB, a screen pops up and says to insert a removable media. The DSO has a 2 GB micro SD, which I have formatted to FAT16.
I can’t get the Virtual disk in my explorer, so no way to copy the 2 VFU files there.

I tried the DFuse_demo software, but no VFU device is shown.

Next try: Windows 7 --> Here I get the Virtual disk item in explorer. Wow!
Bur copying the VFU files is impossible. Copying starts, but shortly afterwars it says that there is not enough space (the card is empty).
After a cancel then the Virtual disk is replaced in Explorer by a standard removable item, which Windows want to format before it can be used. Doing this results in “format impossible”.

Somehow the upgrade should work, as I read of a lot of successful upgrades. Well, I found a lot of such descriptions in 2012 and 2013, but nothing from 2015.

Any help is warmly appreciated.


Hi, I’m also a newbie to this forum and the DSO 201.
After hours of reading in this forum my upgrade was without problems.

My unit is quite new (Nov 2015 is written on the box), came with v4.30 and when switched on with the -Button says “DFU V3.43D Please copy Hex or Bin File to virtual USB” .

The following steps may help you:

  • Pull the SD card out, it is not needed during upgrade
  • Look wether you have the old LCM driver or the newer ILI_9341 driver (displayed when switched on with M Button pressed)
  • In case of the newer driver place BenF’s patched and then unzipped firmware, BENF_P2.hex in a folder (so I did in windows 7). It is only one 140kB file
  • Drag and drop the file to the USB drive
  • Switch the DSO after a some seconds off
  • With power on you should run BenF’s firmware

Have Luck!