DSO quad white screen


I just started using my DSO quad. It was working great then screen went blank. Now I only have a white screen and my computer will not recognize it. Any idea how to fix this?


Have you updated the firware? See the thread below, you may be able to revive you device if you boot it in this mode (turn on and hold the 4th button down) and upgrade the files as per the instructions.


Same issue. I was using the DSO Quad with no problems, and then I power cycled it and now it wont come back. Happened a week or so ago out of the blue.
Powering it on yields a white screen and sometimes a very long beep. USB cable plugged in shows up as an unrecognized device in Windows.

Holding various buttons during the power on has no change. I’m also not 100% sure which revision I have.

Are there any instructions anywhere on re-programming using the internal ISP connector CN7 or some other boot strapping technique?

Also, pushing any buttons while the white screen is on results in a beep. Pressing the first button (play/pause) results in a very long beep.


Doing a bit of research, it seems I should be able to program the STM32F103 using the CN7 connector pretty easily. I have also identified that I have a V2.7B unit. I’ll have to figure out whether I need to flash the system or application. Im not sure which.

I’ll post back with any results in my attempts to un-brick.

I have been reflashing my Quad over a serial connection. Maybe this thread can be of help: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=3396