DSO Quad User Interface

Good day to all.

I just received my DSO Quad yesterday (was stuck in Canadian Customs for 3 weeks) and am just starting to use the device.

However, I find the User Interface to be even worse than the first versions of the DSOnano that were shipped.

I really don’t mean to be negative but I am very frustrated by this.

Is there active development happening in this area? I would love to collaborate with someone on this - I’ve been using scopes of various types for more than 40 years now and have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t.

First thoughts: I strongly feel that the two rocker switches should be for Vertical and Horizontal adjustments.

Specifically, the left-hand rocker would be for vertical adjustments on the currently-selected channel. Default would be to adjust the sensitivity; pressing the rocker down would rotate between Sensitivity, Coupling (AC/DC), Position.

The right-hand rocker would be for Horizontal and Trigger adjustments. Default would be to adjust the timebase; pressing the rocker down would rotate between Timebase, Trigger Level, Position within the buffer.

The four buttons on top: I’m not sure. I would leave the Run/Stop function where it currently is but 2 of the remaining 3 buttons would be used to select the current channel - and possibly to rotate among the remaining settings. I’m really not sure here, though.

But for me: the most common things I need to adjust on a scope is the Vertical Sensitivity and the Horizontal Timebase. Those functions need to be as easy as possible to get to - mapping those functions to the rocker switches makes way too much sense.

BenF - are you interested in working on this?

Everyone else: opinions greatly appreciated.


i have transfer your suggestion to the post viewtopic.php?f=22&t=2003 , thank you for your support to seeedstudio.

Yes I definitely agree Dwayne, direct access to alter the sensitivity and timebase would be ideal.

I see your suggestion has been heard: viewtopic.php?f=22&t=2003