DSO Quad storage temperature?

I’m in northern / norther hemisphere weather, and it gets cold in the garage at night. It can get down to -40F (-40C). What’s the storage limit of the LCD? Is that going to break if I leave it out there? I’m fine with it needing to be warm to use, but I wonder if it will break the LCD if I leave it in the tool chest when cold.


bump, I would still like to learn if this could break if it get’s cold.

I got to hear back about the LED’s and I’m still looking for information about the LCD. Here’s the a reply I got about the LCD.

I understand that to be -25C (-13F)

I will post if I hear back more. I’m most interested in the LCD storage temperature.

I found these two pages of other products that list common temperature ranges. They seem to separate into standard/high and wide/low temperatures. Based on the cost of the QUAD, I suspect the standard/high is closer to what can be expected. So I would guess the storage temperature range to be -10C (14F) to +60C (140F).

americas.kyocera.com/kicc/lcd/no … sider.html

That range is a guess, not an official answer, so it could be and is likely less accurate than it can be.