"DSO Quad" Service Industry Market Penetration

OK, its time for me to add my 2-cents. I think the Quad is too small. Think about that for a minute. The screen isn’t too small just the case and controls. What is the point in having a Quad so small that the scope leads drag it off the work bench? :astonished:

The more typical hand-held o’scope has the display at the top (same size or smaller), the controls in the hand grip, and is more rugged. The Quad in this hand-held style has no competitors for price vs capability in the service industry. What a market penetration that could make!

I am not talking about changing the electronic circuits, except to build a second circuit board with the controls and jacks in the handle. This would allow an add-on rubber protective glove and a sky-hook (D-ring). Maybe you could offer both styles, the current style and an optional hand-held service industry style. You could charge more for the rugged hand held style. More profit for just adding rubber and plastic.

It just makes sense, especially when the optional custom firmware storage is already factored into the design. Each service industry could have its own custom firmware to really penetrate that industry market.

In the concept picture shown below the rugged BNC probes and mini-USB jacks can be placed at the bottom so the cables drape down and out of the way. The rubber glove would prevent sliding around on a work bench, and the sky-hook (D-ring) would be at the top. In this style, the user (left or right handed) could use their thumb to press buttons and this would free up the other hand! The logo is compliments of justblair.

Being the smallest is good in some cases but not in all cases. I believe that this is one such case (no pun intended). :smiley:

Of course you absolutely must fix the capture buffer trigger firmware as a minimum! Using BenF style pop-up menu system would make one thumb operation even easier.service.gif

I found that epoxying a pair of magnets to my DSO Nano was a big improvement.


A DSO like that would be very cool. I use my nano outside 90% of all the times I use it. The fact that it just won’t stay put is very annoying. A heavier and rubber protected DSO is a hard to beat idea (I also mentioned it before). None of my friends or colleagues own a nano, many of them are Fluke fans (just like me) and they think my nano is a “cool toy”, they simply won’t buy anything that isn’t close to a Fluke in the look and feel.

I can only fall in with lygra that this would open so many doors to new markets that is is simply impossible to imagine!
The display size could be one size larger, otherwise the electronics would not need to be changed from the normal quad. Of course it would have to get a sane menu navigation first also.

hmm … as a handheld device Lygras suggestions are ok, but I would prefer a table case device (rectangle style form) to put it on my lab table as a usual measurement device, with the terminals on the side, and a fold-out stand on his rear side so this device could be bent in a 45° … 60° angle.

I’m still waiting for my quad but I think one of the first things I will do when it arrives is to design and print a new case it can slip into made out of soft pla ( I recently found a new filament that is pla in nature but almost soft as rubber -here’s a small video showing how elastic the filament is - that I can use as printing material in my reprap printer) … I think I’ll make few different variations - “self attaching to hand” and “hand held” … I just need to wait for it to arrive