DSO Quad news ?


Well we’re very impatient to receive our Quad beta.
What are the news ?
When will they be delivered ?
When will you update the garden (our some other place) with some schematics and code ?

Yes, what news? As early adopters, we puts up our money, and we would like more information. Are we still on track? Happy New Year!

– eager to get his Quad,

It’s in assembly now, should be ready next week. Sorry for keeping you guys waiting!

Thank you for the answer

Sweet! Thanks for the news,


Any more news on when you might be getting more stock in for this?
Is there a release date / stock due date for the release version of this?

We are now 4 weeks since your last progress update here. At that time you said ‘a week’.

Nice pictures of the boards, though – look very good, congrats.

We can wait, but please give us an update every 3-5 days.


Next week, we had news on the blog :

Edit: here is the last news:
Not that good for the delay

Thanks for that … looks like those are the right places to look for news.