DSO Quad HW v2.6, Windows 10/11 DFU?


I’m trying to resurrect an old DSO Quad with v2.6 hardware, it seems that the DFU (3.10) suggested for this hardware is old enough that DFU mode doesn’t work in Windows 10/11. It shows a drive however it isn’t and can’t be formatted.

Does anyone know if there’s an alternative DFU that can work with v2.6 hardware please? Or an alternative tool that may work?

Also, if anyone ended up here trying to find the 3.10 DFU file, I ended up finding them in the Web Archive here:

If the DFU mode is not working in Windows 10/11, you could try using an alternative operating system such as Linux, which may have better compatibility with the older DFU version. Alternatively, you could try using a virtual machine running an older version of Windows (e.g. Windows 7) to access the DFU mode.

Another option is to try using an alternative tool such as the OpenOCD project, which may be compatible with the v2.6 hardware. You can find more information on how to use these tools with the DSO Quad on various forums and websites dedicated to the device.

Thanks, I’ve tried on Linux without any luck and would rather not the faff of having virtual machines just for updating the DSO203. I’ll have a look at OpenOCD, I also discovered dapboot which seems to specifically target the STM chip the DSO203 uses: GitHub - devanlai/dapboot: DFU Bootloader for STM32 chips

No idea if I’ll be able to get these working but sharing the links here for anyone else who may have more experience and time on their hands than me :slight_smile: