DSO Quad has Arrived ... A couple of Questions...!

Hello Group,
This is my first post on the forum.

I am pleased to say I have just received my DSO Quad DS203 V2.6 today after waiting a month for delivery!
It was purchased from an ebay seller and only just now have I found this forum after visiting minidso.com.

I am glad to say I have updated the firmware, sys and app to the latest and have calibrated the probes as per instructions.

One thing I would like to query is that the model I have received is black were as most of the images I have seen they are white faced?
I never received digital probes either and the box it came in was just a postal box and not the box that I have seen posted elsewhere for this product!
I guess my concern is weather this still an original or a knock off of some kind?

Please find below photos attached.

Kind Regards,


This is not a knockoff, but some ebay seller just bought experimental kit version, assemble and sold as what you got. You might need ask them directly for the support, sorry!