DSO Quad Functions

Hi, am impressed by the DSO Quad although the user interface suggests a clever designer who has seldom (if ever) actually used an oscilloscope. The community (Github G251.app) Firmware version is better, although there are still some areas where it is difficult/clumsy/non-intuitive to navigate.

I am surprised that nobody has come up with an “Autoset” facility for the DSO203. Such a facility is almost universal on DSOs and is useful to have as a starting point for scope measurements. By “Autoset” I mean a one-touch control to initiate both timebase and V/div autoranging for an applied signal - similar to the “Fit” mode on the DSO Nano.

It also seems strange that the DSO203 is unversally advertised as having a 20mV/div range when it appears that none ever have. I assume that there are inherent hardware difficulties in providing higher sensitivities than 50mV/div although AC coupled ranges down to 1 or 5 mV/div (even just on one channel & with very restricted bandwithdth) would be very useful - to look at LF noise & ripple etc.