DSO Quad Display gone pale - like overexposed foto

when fiddling with the trigger menue and channel A sensitivity (with ChA Probe on
5V DAC signal) suddenly the display became very bright, looks loke overexposed foto.
Dark blue is no longer readable at all - the whole display looks like it has gray vertical
grid lines.

It is not the Backlight (BL) setting - I tried all percentages.

What I did without any susccess:

  1. power down / up several times
  2. remove battery for some minutes

Is there a way - maybe setting - to udjust the overall display intensity?
Any help greatly appreciated!

kind regards

this may caused by the hardware. maybe you need to replace the Quad . please check your mail box, i have sent you a PM

This topic not yet solved, support please contact me to
clarify return/exchange handling.
I have sent mail to hugeMan no answer.

kind regards