DSO Quad Bootloader corrupted

Updated version of the FLDUmp utility that dumps 256k of memory to a file FLASH.BIN that contains the DFU in the first 16K holding licence data.

The previous version only worked on 2MB models. The updated one works on both 2MB and 8MB.

The zip has hex files for slot 3 and slot 4
FlDump.zip (99.6 KB)


just checking if someone has used the FLDump app from bobtidey on a working DSO with HW 2.81. Or dumped the image through CN7 with serial connection.

Checkout the upload I created:



Tank you,
I was too eager to get it working and was probably trying too hard. In the end my device died on me. As it seems one coil (USB power L7) and power stabilizer (U15) for 2,8V have gone bad probably because I used the same computer for power and serial connection. Looking at the schematics, that was probably a bad idea. Accidentaly shorting the pin 1 on CN7 durring programming would explain things too, but i have taken precausions for that, so not sure. I don’t know if I will be able to recover this device, but probably not. I managed to make a full system backup (although it’s the corrupted state) if anyone is interested. I also confirmed that I was able to restore to that state comletely. My plan was to rewrite all available parts of it and flash it back. With this, I would probably get it working. A little more patience would help. :wink:

can anybody post a complete firmware for hw2.72 8mb?

I have a blank dead screen without solution

I can do that for you. I have the same HW. But … I have to do some more steps for it:

  1. Dump the bootloader in HEX - already done using FlDump by bobtidey, http://www.seeed.cc/topic_detail.html?id=1601.
  2. Rip off my serial number from it (or just replace with some random numbers) - maybe someone can help me with this? (some tips about offsets, etc.)
  3. Convert HEX dump to BIN format - need some help too, currently I’m waiting for wagnermerle’s help to find some software to do it. http://www.seeedstudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=5629

Have you got a USB-TTL adapter? Have you tryed to connect (to your DSO) in Bootloader Serial mode?

Can you plz tell us how to find the HW serial and License number in DFU dump? Offset? Or maybe you can open your sources of modified SYS250a.hex? At least, the part which reads the License number.

And what if I know my serial and license numbers - any idea how to restore them after DFU flashing?

Good Day jpa Never Mind I’m a dumb ass. ALT_04 shows up on splash screen, and I missed it. Old fart syndrome, eyes going.

I am trying to upgrade to wildcat 5.6 on HW 2.70 (2.7B on board) and I discovered after install, that I did not install the ALT_04.hex.

When I try and copy ALT_04.hex, it will not copy to DFU 3.11c. I did not see any guidelines for installing that hex file.

Does this file install like the others?

HW 2.7

sys_B160.hex - Wildcat 5.6 files - FPGA v261 All installed fine and all functions seem to work ok. (select able & alterable), is the ALT_04.hex necessary if it is how do I load it?

Is the bootloader corrupt or not good for these files? DFU 3.11c.

Thanks for any info

P.S. Will I be able to install LOGIC analyzer on slot 3 or 4 when done loading wildcat 5.6?