DSO Quad - Backorder? Or in Production?

I was a little surprised to see my order for a DSO Quad go to “backorder”. The term “backorder” to me means that the product is out of stock, and I will get one when the product is back in stock. I paid $160 when it was IN stock. (I know it was a stock of pre-order, but it stands to reason that I should not be waiting for a pre-order to become available, as I claimed one, and now ostensibly own it).

I’m also noticing that the stock now has a negative value (-2). What is the meaning of this? What guarantee do I have that I will receive the goods I paid for? It might be useful to have a status other than “backorder” in these situations (reserved/pre-ordered/in production). The term “backorder” and the negative stock makes me think that Seeed sold more than they had available.

What is the explanation?

Hopefully everything is fine, I’m looking forward to getting my beta unit, but I’m confused by how these things are being handled.

Don’t worry, backorder is just a status of all orders can’t ship immediately. It was a pre-order actually, we are preparing them and try to ship within this month.