DSO Quad application competition

I find it surprising that Seeed has not posted this here yet:


I really do not think that is surprising - or do you think they seem to be very active throughout these Topics here?
This is mainly for those who have bought the DSO Quad and now have to fix things on their own, which has brought us so very far, that now even Hardwareimprovements are up for discussion.

Seeed could even start a competition for improving the Hardware and the community would come up with a better DSO Quad…but that is not helpfull now, for we have the original gadget and will see what more applications will be seen, other than all those presented here in this community!

Sorry guys! We seriously didn’t put enough resource on our tech support before, but we are working hard to improve!

It’s still hard to find both English and tech capable engineers in China, but we will be solving this via team effort and systematic process. Please spare us some time for the change!

At least some motivation to return to this project and improve my firmware :slight_smile:

I’ll try to improve my logic analyzer for the competition.

To reach that goal, there will be some auxilary projects that may be of use to other developers also:

  • FPGA support for QuadPawn to ease testing & debugging custom FPGA images.

  • BIOS extensions and fixes in the form of AlterBIOS. This will fix the filesystem corruption issues. It will also provide libc and other routines so that applications can remain smaller. It installs to the extra 256kB flash in the BIOS slot.