DSO Quad App Ideas - Software Defined Radio

I’m eagerly awaiting my own DSO Quad and I was thinking about apps for it. I realized that, if I’m not mistaken, the Quad has almost everything it needs to act as a direct conversion Software Defined Radio receiver, or a front end to more elaborate systems.

I think that would be a pretty interesting application and a good fit to the hardware. I’ve never tried to write something like that, but I might give it a shot if no one else does…

(While I’m thinking about it, does anyone know if we’ll be able to access the USB port directly? It would be nice, for example, to be able to turn the Quad into an external ADC for a PC…)

yes. the USB can be used as a chanel to PC . communication between Quad and pc can be done with the stm32 library easily.

We were discussing this possibility at lunch today. My quad had just arrived. I also believe we can do a spectrum analyzer as well.

It would be nice to configure the two inputs as IQ inputs and then the wave out as the decoded baseband audio out.