DSO quad accessories & opto coupler

I have ordered the QUAD DSO, does the Aluminium Alloy DSO Nano Stand work well with it ?
Also are spare analogue probes available ?

Are the beta versions in terms of hardware? I’ve read an opto coupler is missing?


  1. Yes, the stand works well with the Quad, Nano v1, Nano V2 and my HTC HD2 Phone :slight_smile:

  2. When I saw the specs I thought they meant opto (ie optical) coupler. What is written (where I have seen it anyway) though is opt-coupler. I suspect that opt is short for optional rather than opto. Hopefully ESP can shed a little light on this

As for spare probes, if none are available, the MCX plugs are readily available on E-Bay. Tonight I made my own MCX to BNC adapter. Works well and may be all that is required to use a 10x probe once the firmware allows it.

We will provide mcx to BNC convert cable.

The opt-coupler is not a problem for beta version, we will also find a way to complete engineering samples too.

Thanks Blair!

Thanks for yuor help guys. I’ll put in an order for the stands. I presume I can just add it to the preorder ?

I’ll be using mcx to bnc pigtails to protect the mcx connector, as I don’t think they’re that robust.