DSO Quad/203 FFT Stand alone?

I’m really hoping that we can come up with a stand alone FFT app for this unit. My DSO 203 seems a little crowded with the signal and FFT on the same screen. Is such an app available. Maybe for slot 3 or 4?

Thank you,

This is a start:
github.com/PetteriAimonen/QuadP … ctrum.pawn

(See github.com/PetteriAimonen/QuadP … ng-started for installation)

But it doesn’t have any measurement functions yet. Should be easy to add though, if someone has the time.

The spec_an.amx by dms is also worth a try, it calculates the power spectrum.

Myself I don’t quite understand what one can do with FFT :slight_smile:

FFT in my understanding(basic), is that it can show you undesirable harmonics and/or frequency spikes related to the frequency being examined. It is in my opinion well worth being studied the subject of spectrum analyses. I did try the program you mentioned above but got an error when I tried to run it. Some of your other programs are running fine for me though. Thank you for those!