DSO Nano Video / SD Card

I’ve made a Video so that you can compare it to the JYETECH DSO and a Rigol DSO (freeduino.de/de/blog/digital … Cr-22-euro).
Here you go: youtube.com/watch?v=H4N7EwLfHKk

But a bit of information would be great. What’s the “M” button for? How do I store anything on the SD card? Why doesn’t my DSO show up as external drive when I connect it to the computer?
Thank you :slight_smile:

If you have a micro SD card inserted, the two middle function options (FS and FL) are enabled and if pushing “M” when FS is selected, a wave form should be saved. FL is for loading a saved waveform, also with “M”.

It doesn’t work for me (gives “SD Card Err”), but that might be because the card I use is too large (4GB). I’ll try to get a smaller one and try it again.

Mine doesn’t show up as anything (on my Mac), but that might also have to do with the SD card being too big.


Yeah, it gives me the “SD Card Err”, too :frowning:

If I power on the device with the micro SD card inserted, it just shows me a white screen, but if I insert it after power on, I get the error.

Are there anybody that knows how big a card is supported, and how it needs to be formatted?


Try this…

Insert the card in your nano.

Connect USB

Once the nano is recognised, try and visit via windows explorer, it may ask for a format, I quick formatted with default FAT32

Next you will have to change your folder view properties so that “known file types are unhidden”

Now create a txt file, rename it to FILE002.DAT (seems to be case sensitive)

Now when saving you can save the waveform to the card (well at least I can!)

You can create more of the files via your PC so that you can store many wave forms.

Now all I need is a way to transfer the image from the screen to my PC. I misunderstood and thought this was a feature…

Well… and if it doesn’t get recognized at all?
On the Nano, the Battery icon changes to USB, on the PC nothing happens at all.


My nano gets recognised with or without a card in the slot. I am using Win7.

Win7 takes ages to recognise any usb device first time, but it does find it.

Another thing you can try. Do you have a USB adaptor to lt you read the micro SD card? Might be worth trying formatting the card and adding the dat files that way.

FWIW I am usig a transcend 2GB SD card

No, still “SD Card Err”…

I have just spotted something wrong.

although the process I detailed before allows the dso to save a waveform, it is not necessarily saving it into the files that I thought it was. In fact i cant find where in the sd card it is saving at all.

Regardless of which file I try to open, I get the last saved waveform. Looking at the files on the sd card the only one with any info in it at all appears to be called _disk_ID.pod

I think we need a bit of guidance from the Seeed team on how this is supposed to work…

Yeah that would be great…
I think they’re busy or something, my last depot order has not been processed since 3 weeks although I’ve already paid :frowning:

The DSO Nano just can save the data into the specifically file of the SD card. So you can download this zip file and decompression it , then put the files onto your SD card~
SDFILE.rar (4.84 KB)
Try this again~

Now all I need is a way to transfer the image from the screen to my PC. I misunderstood and thought this was a feature…

Yes , here is a small tool for you to see the image on you PC~
DAT2BMP.zip (346 KB)


I’ve tried FAT and FAT32 format, with and without the files, nothing works. “SD Card Err”. I’ll buy a new one today and try again.

I just got a 2GB Sandisk card, and now I got the file saving to work.

I used the files supplied in the .rar file and copied them over on my Mac.

The DSO Nano booted up with the card inserted, and didn’t give the permanent white screen I got for the 4GB Kingston card I tried first.

I like how the file number is automatically incremented when you save a screen-dump.

I then tried the conversion software, and I managed to get a .bmp out, though I had to guess what the menus was, since everything is just ??? (question marks), probably because of some character set problem.


Btw. the card I used was formatted with FAT16


The card can not larger than 2G ~ because the 2+G not use the normal SD protocol but the SDHC (SD HIGHT capacity ).and now the DSO Nano 's firmware doesn’t support it.

I have the files working correctly now. I guess having some data in the dat files makes all the difference…

Thanks for the download…

I’m trying to use a 64MB micro-SD card in my DSO Nano, but I’m not having any luck. As a baseline, the card works fine in my USB SD card reader, MP3 player, and digital camera. I’ve formatted the card as FAT16 and created the FILExxx.DAT files (using the archive posted).

When I insert the card in the Nano, I can access the FS and FL menus, but I get a “Micro SD Err” when loading or saving files.
Connecting the DSO Nano to my Windows XP workstation, and it shows up as a removable drive, without any media.

I’m getting some fairly erratic results with the SD cards. Some of the time it saves as it should, or at least this seems to be correct on the device. Somethines I get SDerror.

The other thing I have noticed is that when using dat2bmp to retrieve screen prints that the Saved position on the Nano ie File001 sometimes does not match at all the file name ie I am finding it on File000.dat. There is more weirdness going on…

Hi all, I´ve experienced the same problem with saving to microSD and tried many cards and recomended formating (fat16). I´ve found out some cards haven´t work with the DSO, especially Kingston cards. Nokia card (shipped with phone) worked well for me. :wink: