DSO Nano V3

I have just got my DSO NANO and am a bit disappointed…

  • Is there any way to remove the purple decaying sin wave “reference” trace? It seems to be impossible
  • Can you tell me how to save & load data, exactly?
  • The manual is really poor doesn’t explain anything.

Also, why have a support email if you never reply?

Hopefully this will encourage you to be a bit more professional if you intend to continue selling on the European market.



The manual is written from the customer perspective. In order to more convenient to use it.
If you feel not good place, please tell us about your advise, we will consider it.

Best Regards!

As I said, I am happy to help to make the manual better! But it takes a lot of work!
Here are some things I would like clarified:

on page 5:
Section 1:

  • explain what each button does, in particular the “Quick Adjust” and “Run/Stop” buttons.
    Section 2:
  • when I turn the DSO Nano on, this is NOT what I see on the scree. Explain the real screen view, please with the DATA trace display.
    Section X (6) fn menu:
  • when one of the options is selected, a popup menu appears with 2 options, how do you select the options?
    Section XI 1.
    page 12: If I measure a sin wave, I can see the blue trace, but how to get the red/purple one? I cannot reproduce the image as on top of page 12.

Page 13:
what button do you press to save the image? Refer to the the buttons on page 5.

Page 15.
Please explain in more details. I have tried and tried to do this, but just cannot make it happen. This is the same problem I have with removing the DATA trace…

I am sorry to complain, but I do not like having to fight to use a tool. The manual should correspond to the tool and should allow me to get started without a struggle. Your manual does not do that.

I’d like to join this post presenting a few bugs and sugestions for DSO Nano V3.

I purchased 3 units to verify signals in the field and the correction of the problems below will be extremely considered before acquiring more units. The suggestion below is also highly important for my activities.


  1. Action “calibrate zero” must be done every time the y-range is changed.
  2. DSO stucks when moving the “trigger threshold” down beyond screen boundaries.
  3. Reference waveform can’t be hidden. Even after replacing it with an empty data file, it returns after reseting the device.
  4. Function “Measure” doesn’t display right values (not even close ones).


  1. SampleDepth could be adjusted to embrace the whole screen.


The purple sine wave bugged me for a while. To remove it, you use the down arrow ("-") to go to Ex (also purple), then use right or left arrow to scroll through options, which include comparing current wave to saved wave by addition or subtraction, or (finally) ‘Off’, meaning don’t compare anything.

I love the suggestion that the manual is written for the customer’s point of view. Kidding, right?