Dso Nano v3. white screen

hello. i just got this dso nano, was trying to up date to the benf firmware and i dragged the file to the dso nano on my computer, now it just does a white screen kinda flickers and can see seeed studio in the back ground for just a second, then i download the dfuse demo to try it that way, well i choose the file to upgrade it but the button upgrade stays gray and i cant upgrade it, what can i do?

i got it fixed i think, but i want to upgrade to benf firmware how do i do so?

I am always happy when someone solves a problem…UNLESS I am having the same problem and not able to sort it out AND the original poster simply says “I figured it out” without disclosing how. I respectfully request that you share your solution!

I received my Nano yesterday and attempted to update the firmware via USB, copying each of the two .hex files to the device’s drive. Now, when I power up the DSO, I get a very brief logo screen followed by a white flickering screen.

Please offer any ideas, PLEASE!

I suggest reading the “FAQ: How to upgrade the firmware” in this forum.

Thank you, tormod. I was using the incorrect hex file for my device. Sorry for not going to the guidance first, as it clearly suggests!