DSO Nano V3 purple Data trace & saving files?


I just got a DSO NANO V3 with all factory setup and firmware. I don’t know how to tell which firmware it is…

I think the little device is pretty cool and value for money, but I have a couple of issues that I can’t seem to work out from the so-called “manual”.

Could anyone please tell me:

  • how to get rid of the purple DATA trace (looks like a decaying sin wave) ?
  • how to save and load data, images, i.e. how to record a trace to memory?
  • where to get other firmware that may work better than what is on board?

Thanks for your help.

About your first question, I donot understand you said “the purple decaying sin wave” is what? Please uplaod a picture to show it.

Best Regards!

If you donot know how to save waveform image, please see the Example Three in the DSO Nano V3 User’s manual. You can hHave a try. If you have some problems, please tell us, We are glade to help you!

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It is the DATA trace that is stored and I cannot make it go away!

Please help !



I am still waiting for help removing the purple data trace from the screen!

Please help me, I do not want to have to complain any more or return it to the shop and tell the world that it doesn’t work…

Your technical support is really disappointing…

Unless I hear something soon, I will be posting on all the associated Arduino forums to tell about this defect and bad support.


Can you scroll down to setting ex and use your left and right arrows or is it stuck there.

I can make it move up and down a little, but I want it off .

Why would I want to see that trace? It is just annoyance for me.

If it is there for a reason, then why do no other oscilloscopes have it?

Come on, just make a new firmware release that is fixed, please?

Im trying to figure the same thing too i set mine to off so at least its out of sight till its figured

What do you mean “set it to off”. Can you make the purple trace go away? even temporarily? How?

I find this tool really not great. Even for the low price, I’m regretting buying it…

Do you find the plugs connections not being very stable? I find that jiggling the input jack can really change the waveform…

Good news i think i got it sorted out i will post in a second after i refine what i just did

The ex is the last data trace recorded if you scroll down to the ex using the up and down arrows then once high lighted use the left and right arrows you can select off

Once you record a new trace that one is replaced

I can scroll down to EX but then I need to select either:

  • Ext Refn
  • Ext Posi

If I select Ext Refn then I can use the arrows to go though the displays:

If I select Ext Posi, then nothing happens

I cannot understand how to record a trace and load it.

Are you using a Nano V3??

Anyone found a fix for this?

It goes away after you save a new data file. Scroll down to ex and go left or right till you have selected off it will not show the trace again till you scroll over back to data. Its the factory sample file.

Thanks for the help, but I do not have “off” as an option on my Nano V3 … so I always have some annoying trace to confuse the display…

I’m very disappointed with this device…

When you turn on your nano what firmware number shows up maybe needs a reflash i have all the factory firmware just need to know what yours is sounds like maybe it has a demo version i had that happen to me when a flashed a bunk firmware. Does your nano have white buttons and were did you get it.

I don’t have it in front of me, but I believe it says version 4.0 on startup.

This is the one I bought: http://www.antratek.com/dso-nano-v3

white buttons, no sd card slot, probes of poor quality, and bad contact at prob plug…

If you have other firmware, I’d be interested.

Do you work at Seedstudio? How do you get firmware, then?


No just user like you if you look at the most recent posts i just posted under “another firmware question” i attached the v3 firmware 4.21 its the most recent. There were a few other updates after 4.0 but I think you should be able to go right to 4.21 I also attached the update v3 user manual that has the upgrade how too

Thanks! I downloaded it and will try to install it when I am home and have the nano in front of me.

Is there much chance of killing the nano with a firmware upgrade?

I really appreciate your help!