DSO nano v3 LDO fail?


My DSO nano v3 suddenly died a few days ago. I used it one day with no issues (probing 24V AC) , turned it on the second day and all I got was white screen. At first I wanted to try uploading new FW, but it was not possible to get to FW upload mode. Then I thought the bootloader was corrupted so I wanted to use the CN4 pins to upload new bootloader, but the device was not responding to the flash loader.

It was then when I decided to measure the voltage on the CN4 pins and found out that on VCC pin I am reading only 0.2V!

When going over the schematics, I found out that the LDO labeled U2 is putting out only 0.2V instead of 3V… the U3 is outputting 3.3V as expected. Anyone ever experienced this? How likely is that the LDO failed? It has never happened to me with any other device before.