DSO NANO V3 DFU v3.22A + BenF 3.64 + SDCARD SOLVED !!!

Dear friends!
I’m new owner of Dso nano v3 without sdcard and It war Impossible for me to use manufactor firmware, but with BenF firmware that Is Impossible to save waveforms. I found for myself that I must trying to remove ST flash memory and solder normal microsd card and now I have the best Dso nano v3 with lastest BenF firmware with 2Gb SDCard on board! :smiley:
So here Is the solution but remember that you will do It on your own risk :slight_smile: Let’s have a fun!!! :smiley:
We have DSO nano v3 with Internal flash memory.
First of all you must jently remove fake memory IC.
so we will have…
Second you need to solder a shot wires to microSD.
Then solder the microSD to the board, and place a little short wire between 9-th Pin and GND
That’s all, we have very cool device with 2Gb on board the lastest BenF 3.64 firmware.
Thanks to all manufactors who refused me In service! :smiley:
Just In case:
Moreover I suppose that you will success If you will just place the short circuit between GND pad and 9-th Pin with Internal memory, because the BenF firmware will see that you have sdcard Inserted and confirm your Internal 2Mb flash, but It’s not Interesting for me because I need to store many waveforms and data to my DSO.
Respectfully yours, “Void”

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the nano v3 have 2 kind of lcd 9341 and 7781,dfu 3.26 is support 9341 , can’t use benf 3.64 . what version is your dfu?

LIB 3.53 APP 3.64 and DFU v3.22A

your nano V3 's lcd is 7781 ,dfu 3.22a is adaptation it .
if your nano v3 's dfu is 3.26 or new, it’s lcd 9341, you just can use official app 4.21 ,

I see that God loves me a little, because the manufactor firmware v4.0 and other - Is sucks!, and I post this article for peoples who has DFU v.3.22A and want to use normal, and user friendly firmware!

How did you get benf installed i thought v3 came with new bootloader or is 3.22a and 3.26d similar or can 3.22 still use benf

Hi, that Is very simple, my DSO came with bootloader - DFU v3.22a and on board firmware v4.0, and I’ve installed Benf v.3.64 just like writen Is manual very easy. :smiley:

I can not update to Benf 3.64?
is my V3 (DFU 3.26D)

Actually it is even easier…

Just replace the memory on the board with the SD card holder and machine a slot in the enclosure.

Sorry for the crappy phone picture.

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Ouh, yes, if you have enclosure it’ll be much better!

tryed this mod on my v3.26D with benf 3.64 pulled from here http://www.seeedstudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=4823. but I cannot get it to save an image. it just freezes after creating an blank bmp. any suggestions?

Kupchenko - Cool!

Given that the pins on the SD and uSD don’t correspond 1 to 1, how is it wired?
It’s not clear from your instructions or pictures, at least not to me.

Does pin 1 of uSD go to pin 1 of SD as labelled in picture etc?

Or does CS go to CS etc?

Do you know - Are the chips used in SPI mode?
(In which case all the wires are not necessary.

Is the chip formatted such that it can be read/written on a PC?
If they intended only to use an internal chip, I thought maybe they didn’t bother using a recognized MS file system, which would be a bummer.

I just ordered, but haven’t yet received my NANO.
Is the internal memory used to screen shot storage etc?
Do they intend for you to get it out via USB cable (I can see how, if properly formatted, SD would be simpler).

In either case, why remove the internal memory for a fixed uSD?
For the larger capacity?
Or is there some firmware “upgrade” that expects removable media that the embedded EEROM doesn’t present?

Where’s the best place to get started reading about FAQs, what firmware/mods are essential and general how to use docs that I can read up on?

~ Rick