dso nano v2

Have using my dso for quite some time now… its well taken care of, my problem now is that it wont turn on anymore. tried charging it thru usb… but still it wont turn on.

what could be the problem? and where can i have this repair…

many thanks!

opened my dso nano… saw that there’s a burned diode, L3. tried to put a jumper, then it works now.
do somebody here know what does L3 do? And what cause it to burned.

L3 is a inductance between the gnd of conputer and gnd of the nano. i do not know why it burned… :confused: 未命名.jpg

would it not cause any problem if i just put jumper instead of replacing L3? will it still function properly?

Just notice that my dso nano won’t with battery only. Have to plug usb… It also gets hot when plug in.