DSO NANO V2 won't install drivers.


When I connected my DSO NANO V2 to my laptop the first time the driver’s failed to install. Same thing happened on my desktop. As a result of this, defuse demo will not recognize the device and I can not update the firmware. I have been unable to locate the drivers online to do a manual install. What should I do? Where can I get the driver’s for a manual install?

Laptop has windows 7 64 bit

Desktop has windows Vista 64 bit

At turn on, DSO NANO says lib 2.22 app 2.40

When turning the device on in firmware update mode, it says DSO201 Device Firmware Upgrade Ver. 2.0


Oh also, when turning the Nano on in update mode at the top it says DSO Nano V 1.1 seedstudio

Ok I got it working.

The driver’s for the Nano in DFU mode were not installing properly for some reason. I attempted to manually install the driver’s through the device manager by choosing browse, selecting the STMicroelectronics folder, and selecting the X64 folder. This did not work, and Windows gave me an error message saying that it could not find the drivers.

I unistalled and reinstalled the dfuse demo software many times. I also used the device manager to make sure all previous driver install attempts for the device were unistalled. No help.

In the end, simply going through the device manager and allowing windows to search for a driver yielded the results I needed. The device is now recognized when plugged in, shows up in the device menu of dfuse, and can be upgraded.

Hope this helps someone else out at some point.

BenF, whoever you are, you are the man, dude.

The DSO Nano is 10X as useful with because of your work. When I finally got it loaded, I was blown away by it. Good job.