DSO NANO v2 use question

Hello, I am new here and I came across this device about a week
back. I run a car audio shop and I am wondering if this device
will be able to be used in the field to set gains on car amplifiers
and max unclipped volumes on headunits?

I have been looking for something small and portable and this would
be the unit if I can accomplish that. I already have a pile of x10
probes, so I would need this and the BNC adapter…

Hopefully this will do the trick. Thanks

I already tried v1 for audio settings and it was working fine with sine wave pattern displayed with it’s voltage. If you are using the same firmware published here written by BenF, I can’t see why v2 can’t handle the job. I don’t even need that x10 probe to measure my 40v output.

I’m waiting for my v2 and it should arrive in about a week.