DSO Nano v2 signal generator not working

Hi I just received my DSO Nano V2 today. It seems like there is nothing coming out of the signal generator output. I tried to connect the positive probe to each of the leads on the signal generator out, but there is no reading on the meter on any of the output leads. I also connected a volt meter and probed the inside of the jack (negative lead on the outside case, and positive lead inside the jack.

Everything else seems to work fine, as I’ve tested various other DC and AC power sources. I am powering it by the battery and not by USB.

I’ve searched the forums and see that others have had similar issues, but have not opened the case to investigate much further.

Please verify so I can get exchanged from the distributor.


Can I get confirmation on this so I can request replacement by the distributor.

thank you.

Sorry, mark, you can send the unit back to adafruit for replacement firstly.