DSO nano V2 passed "my" immunity test today :)

Dear Community,

in case you’re interested: today I got some devices into pre-testing today, and as a filler (we rented the calibrated but non-accredited lab at some school for the whole day) i put my dso nano v2 in the anechoic chamber.

With its test clips shorted and the cable laid out flat, it wasn’t impressed when exposed to a 80-2500 MHz sweep, field strength 4V/m, 80% AM modulation frequency of 2 Hz ! The test setup was IEC 60601-1-2-like, and in the past our pre-lab results we got there where really close to those in an accredited lab.

The scope was set to 0.5V/DIV and 0.5s/DIV, timebase set as it possibly would be when used for displaying physiological signals.

Best regards

Hi Hendi,
Thanks for your job! :smiley: