DSO Nano V2 battery charging problem?


Apologies if this has already been posted but I couldn’t find anything specific to this when I did a search.

I have just got my DSO nano v2 for a research project and used it a little bit yesterday and this morning to measure some square waveforms on a system I have been making. It seems to work fine and was picking up the signals properly etc.

Then the screen faded a bit (went dim) and then switched off - I assumed the battery had gone and so plugged the nano in to the usb to charge. However, since then and up until now I have not been able to switch on the unit at all, so I don’t know if it is charging or not and whether this was the problem.

Has anyone else had this problem before and how can I fix it? I have decided to leave it charging for a good few hours/overnight and then check it again - if still no luck I’ll phone the shop I bought it from and ask their advice but I’d rather not have to return it if I can help it as I need to use it!

Sorry if this is a really naive question - I am quite new to this field and not very confident at trying to diagnose and fix these things myself! If anyone has any suggestions I’d be very grateful.

Thanks, :slight_smile: