DSO Nano v2 Bandwidth Question for SeeedStudio Staff


forgive me posting these simple questions which may have been answered in other forums, but I’ve searched a long time on Google and not come up with any satisfactory answers. I also emailed several sites (including your own before seeing the notice that says to post questions in the forum), but only got one email back from SparkFun.

Basically, what is the analog bandwidth of the DSO Nano v2?

A little backgroudn info: on your product page, those of other sites, and in the manual it’s spec’d analog bandwidth is 200kHz. BUT, in the thread “DSO Nano v2 issues and FAQ” the bandwidth is stated as being 1MHz (the same as pre v2). Other sites I’ve come across say the bandwidth is 1MHz (and an email from sparkfun says so too), and one even claims a firmware change can boost it up to 2MHz! Maybe they’re interpreting the part of the Nano v2 manual that says the sample rate is 1Msps but is hackable up to 2Msps.

So can the DSO Nano v2 be modified by a user to have a wider bandwidth